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Welcome to Prime Photography Courses website!

Hello and thank you for visiting my website www.primephotographycourses.com. My name is Monika and here would like to share with you some information on various photography courses that I researched extensively when just a couple of years ago I embarked on this fantastic journey of photography.

Photography can be a wonderful pastime and an incredible way of expressing your feelings and  emotions. Every created image can convey different moods and expressions and can tell a different story. Just like painting or sculpturing, photography is a form of art with endless possibilities and combinations to choose from.  Every photo taken is very unique and special and a timeless capture of your memories.

Blue marbles

But before we start it is worth looking for some professional tips to understand how camera works, what are its different functions and how we can combine all these to create truly fantastic and memorable images. Only with good understanding of the basics of photography and its techniques we are able to control all the settings fully and manipulate them to our liking. So let me share with you some of the best photography courses that I came across while I was searching for some practical and useful tips on photography.  For the ease of browsing I grouped them into General, Specialised and Software Courses. As the offer is continually revised and extended I will be including updates on my blog posts so please refer to my blog on the right-hand side menu, where I group them in the same categories. Majority of the courses are online based so you can access them wherever you are and whenever you want as long as you have an access to internet.

Please, bear in mind though, that all courses listed on my website can offer different approach, content and style of teaching which can suit everybody’s different needs, expectations and level of involvement. I therefore do not rank the particular courses on my website as I believe that every course can offer you a fantastic start into this beautiful world of photography if you are either a beginner or provide you with more advanced tips on photography if you are a more advanced learner already. Each and every course is unique so please look around and I hope that you will find something for yourself.

And once you are more confident with handling your camera why not join me and other like-minded people on the UAE Photo Tours where you will be able to visit the most iconic places in the UAE, catch the beautiful sites for yourself and take many beautiful memories back with you.

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and questions below – I will be more than happy to reply to them 🙂